The Benefits of An Ergonomic Split Keyboard

When you’re working with the computer or typing, there’s no work that’s as demanding as typing.

A lot of people feel hand or wrists following many years of using the keyboard.

The reason is that before ergonomic keyboards developed the traditional keyboards result in an unnatural position of the wrists as you are typing.This results in a compression of a nerve in the wrist and causes an uncomfortable or tingling sensation near the thumb and other parts of the wrist and hand after a long period of time. The strain can lead to muscle and joint disorders (MSD) such as carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel sufferers go via injections and wear wrist guards and not be able to type as they once did!

Thankfully, we don’t have to get to this point because manufacturers are becoming more aware of Ergonomics and have been incorporating these to their products. One hot swap mechanical keyboard of them includes Ergonomic Split keyboards. Ergonomic Split keyboard.

Features of the Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Ergonomic split keyboards are created to specificity to fit the the wrist and hands while typing. Instead of fitting your hands onto the keyboard the keyboard is made to fit the natural way your fingers, hands and wrists will be positioned when typing.

An ergonomic split keyboard has “split” or divided one group of keys on one side of the keyboard. There is a second group on the other side.

The majority of ergonomic split keyboards are available in two different types. A “split” or the divide of the two components of the keyboard may change angles and the angle of split can be fixed.

A fixed-split split ergonomic keyboard works on one keyboard, the same way as every other inline keyboard a PC or laptop may use, but the manufacturer might alter your layout only a little. Another type or ergonomic split keyboard called an flexible split keyboard. The makers of this keyboard split the keyboard into several independent pieces, allowing you to increase or decrease the space between the groups of keys, eventually giving it a more personal touch to your wrists and hands.

Benefits of Ergonomic Split Keyboards

The major benefit to using an ergonomic split keyboard lies in the fact that you do not have to strain your wrists or hands during typing lengthy. They can be kept in neutral position (or natural position).

Instead of positioning your hands towards the back when you type your middle finger will be almost forced to align with the wrist and forearm, preventing an unnatural strain caused by the normal keyboard. When using an ergonomic split keyboard you also won’t be unnaturally keeping your thumbs in a rigid position or extending your fingers up or outwards.

Many people who use ergonomic split keyboards find that the keyboard’s position to be natural as well. Instead of pressing the keyboard keys the ergonomic keyboard has been made to ensure that you have to make a slight finger to write. Three-key combinations are also easier using this particular keyboard. For instance, you could use both hands to comfortably make complex key combinations like”Shift, “Alt,” “Shift,” “Ctrl” and “Delete” buttons.

Overall, ergonomic split keyboards aren’t just easier, more comfortable and more natural to use, you may find your typing speed increasing. Because you’re not putting pressure on your wrists or finger positions and holding them in awkward postures, you’ll be able more easily relax your wrist and entire hand. But don’t beat yourself up if you discover that your typing speed is not at a high level, it will take an amount of time before your body can adapt and to undo all of your bad wrist straining practices. Remember it is for longer term health!

Why To buy Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Microsoft has created a number of ergonomic keyboards that split over time, the most recent one being The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000. This keyboard is a fixed-split ergonomic keyboard that’s professional in appearance and pretty easy to use; it features a 12-degree separation between two groups of keys, which lets you use the keyboard with a smaller reach. The Microsoft keyboard also has a 7-degree reverse slope to make it more comfortable for your wrist.

Additionally, the Comfort Keyboard Company produces the black Comfort Keyboard USB which is an adjustable ergonomic split keyboard. This keyboard can tilt and rotate the three sections however you choose, giving the most complete control over hand and wrist comfort.

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